Eighth International Accelerator School for Linear Colliders
'December 4 - 15, 2013'


Notes about the program:

  1. There are a total of 11 school days in this year’s program, excluding the arrival day (December 4) and the departure day (December 16). The time is divided as follows: 2-1/2 days for required courses, 6 days for elective courses, two 1/2 day for excursions, 1/2 day for study time and a final examination day.
  2. The required course consists of five lectures: introduction, ILC, CLIC, linac basics and instrumentation basics. Every student must take this course.
  3. There are two elective courses: Course A (the red course) is accelerator physics, Course B (the blue course) is accelerator technology. They will run in parallel. Each student will choose one of these.
  4. The accelerator physics course consists of lectures on four topics: (1) linac, (2) sources, (3) damping rings and ring colliders, and (4) beam delivery system and beam-beam effects.
  5. The accelerator technology course also consists of lectures on four topics: (1) room temperature RF, (2) superconducting RF, (3) instrumentation, and (4) LLRF and high power RF.
  6. There will be homework assignments, but homework is not counted in the grade. There will be a final examination. Some of the exam problems will be taken from variations of the homework assignments. The exam papers will be graded immediately after the exam and results announced in the evening of December 15 at the student award ceremony.
  7. There is a tutorial and homework period every evening. It is part of the curriculum and students are required to attend. Lecturers will be available in the evening of their lecture day during this period.
  8. Lecturers have been asked to cover the basics as well as possible. Their teaching material will be made available online to the students ahead of time (a few weeks prior to the school). Students are strongly encouraged to study this material prior to the beginning of the school.
  9. Lecturers of the elective courses are required to provide lecture syllabus as soon as possible in order to help students make their selection.
  10. All lecturers are responsible for the design of homework and exam problems as well as the answer sheet. They are also responsible for grading the exams.
  11. The award ceremony will honor the top (~10) students based on their exam scores.

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INDICO-PAGE FOR LCS2013: http://agenda.linearcollider.org/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=6258

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